Brown Family


Our burden is to start an Independent Fundamental Baptist church in Bozeman, Mt. After arriving in Bozeman we will be looking to secure a good location to start holding services shortly after arriving. We will start an aggressive evangelistic campaign through handing out gospel tracts, John and Romans, and colored brochures of our church location and service times.

Our goal is to invite every person to our first service with help from our home church and churches within 4 hrs of driving distance in 30 days. There are 60,000 people in Bozeman and the surrounding areas that need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some will hear and have the word of God in there hand for the very 1st time. With help from the Lord our desire is to reach as many people for Christ as we can before He returns to take His church to Heaven.times.

Bozeman is home to Montana State University with over 12,000 students and faculty and it is our burden to be able to get on campus and hold weekly bible studies and reach those students and staff with the gospel. times.

We believe the key to the Christian growth of the believer is through a one on one discipleship program and teach them the doctrines of our faith. I believe that with starting a college ministry God will call some young men and women to fulltime Christian service and Preachers that will go back to their hometowns and plant other Independent Baptist Church’s throughout Montana. times.

Along with starting a college ministry it my desire to start a jail ministry, hold annual VBS meetings, Mission Conferences and Revivals along with the normal functions of the church.